Simultaneous bandwidths determination for DK-HAC estimators and long-run variance estimation in nonparametric settings


We consider the derivation of data-dependent simultaneous bandwidths for double kernel heteroskedasticity and autocorrelation consistent (DK-HAC) estimators. In addition to the usual smoothing over lagged autocovariances for classical HAC estimators, the DK-HAC estimator also applies smoothing over the time direction. We obtain the optimal bandwidths that jointly minimize the global asymptotic MSE criterion and discuss the trade-off between bias and variance with respect to smoothing over lagged autocovariances and over time. Unlike the MSE results of Andrews (1991), we establish how nonstationarity affects the bias-variance trade-off. We use the plug-in approach to construct data-dependent bandwidths for the DK-HAC estimators and compare them with the DK-HAC estimators from Casini (2021) that use data-dependent bandwidths obtained from a sequential MSE criterion. The former performs better in terms of size control, especially with stationary and close to stationary data. Finally, we consider long-run variance estimation under the assumption that the series is a function of a nonparametric estimator rather than of a semiparametric estimator that enjoys the usual $\sqrt{T}$ rate of convergence. Thus, we also establish the validity of consistent long-run variance estimation in nonparametric parameter estimation settings.

R&R Econometric Reviews